Climate Express

Project Description

In September 2018 and 2019, four two-person teams competed in an orienteering race across Switzerland. They connected as many stages as possible spread across the country. The two most important criteria: speed and the smallest carbon footprint. The special feature? Each of these stages represents a theme related to the ecological transition. The participants were followed by a film crew and were equipped with an on-board camera to film their adventure. The objectives are to present sustainable alternatives in Switzerland, to raise awareness of the ecological impact and to arouse young people's interest in the climate.

A third edition will take place in September 2020.

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2019 Edition

The 2018 edition aimed to showcase sustainable solutions in Switzerland in the areas of renewable energy, biodiversity conservation, sustainable finance, food and upcycling.

The 2019 Edition aimed to show that there are sustainable solutions in the fields of agriculture, housing through a housing cooperative, biodiversity, consumption and waste, circularity, health and ethical technologies.

We hope that this race contributes to the creation of stronger environmental actions and motivates new sustainable initiatives.