Regional Projects

Regional groups ("regiogroups") play an essential role in SYFC's structure. Our eight regiogroups' focus is raising awareness and advocating for climate policy in their respective regions by organizing local events and projects.

National Projects

SYFC's national projects involve members from all regiogroups and focus on issues that concerning all of Switzerland. A nation-wide collaboration, for example, the launch of the “Swiss Coalition for Corporate Justice” initiative. We also often run social media campaigns as national projects.

International Projects

We participate in international climate negotiations as civil society observers and have not missed a single COP since 2015. They are always great opportunities to meet government officials, negotiators, and other youth organizations.

  • Bern Regiogroup
    Emmental, 2023
  • COP25 in Madrid
    SYFC Delegation
  • Green Days Bellinzona
    Informative stand to raise awareness about climate change in Switzerland
  • Conference on concrete solutions to climate change
    Geneva 2020