Press Release: Youth NGO ‘Swiss Youth For Climate’ publishes position paper ahead of COP28 participation

Press Release: Youth NGO ‘Swiss Youth For Climate’ publishes position paper ahead of COP28 participation

Press Release: Youth NGO ‘Swiss Youth For Climate’ publishes position paper ahead of COP28 participation

Zurich, Switzerland, 30.11.2023 – Swiss Youth For Climate (SYFC), a Swiss grassroots non-governmental organisation, published its COP28 position paper today, outlining key priorities and recommendations for the critical climate negotiations opening today. Throughout the duration of the summit, SYFC’s delegation at COP28 will be advocating on behalf of Switzerland’s youth for the ramping up of global climate ambitions and a close alignment of Switzerland’s official position with a 1.5°C trajectory. 

The position paper, which articulates SYFC’s clear and determined stance on various critical issues and outlines actionable demands for global leaders, will guide the advocacy efforts of the NGO’s 10-member delegation taking part in COP28.

Key Highlights from the SYFC COP28 Position Paper:

  • Immediate Emission Reduction: SYFC emphasizes the need for aggressive emission cuts and updated NDCs to bridge the current gap and meet the minimum 1.5°C warming limit set out by the Paris Agreement.
  • Adaptation Finance: The organization calls for a drastic increase in adaptation funding for developing countries, in line with the adaptation finance gap estimated between US$194-366 billion per year.
  • Fossil Fuel Phase-Out: SYFC demands a socially just phase-out of fossil fuels by 2050, rejecting any so-called solutions that do not contribute to a genuine transition away from fossil dependency.
  • Transparent Climate Finance: The paper advocates for a standardized definition of climate finance as well as a transformation of the financial system to stop fossil fuel investments and subsidies, and make all financial flows consistent with a 1.5°C economy.
  • Renewable Energy and Mitigation Strategies: SYFC sets ambitious targets for renewable energy adoption and insists on including all greenhouse gases, like methane, in comprehensive mitigation efforts.
  • National Adaptation Plans and Loss & Damage Fund: The organization highlights the necessity of robust adaptation plans as well as the establishment and operationalisation of the Loss and Damage Fund.
  • Switzerland’s Commitment: SYFC critically evaluates Switzerland's climate policies, urging for transparent and ambitious domestic emission reduction targets in line with the 1.5°C goal.

Speaking about the aims of SYFC’s position paper and the organisation’s participation to the global summit, Leila Réau, president of SYFC, said: “The position paper crystallizes SYFC’s firm stance on multiple pressing issues, highlighting actionable demands aimed at global leaders. With the window to keep climate change below the 1.5C threshold rapidly closing, COP28 is one of our last chances to ramp up climate policies at national and global levels to fully align with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.”

As a member of civil society and an observatory entity at COP28, the SYFC delegation will actively engage with international leaders, policymakers, and other stakeholders to advocate for the positions outlined in its position paper.

The full position paper is accessible on SYFC website here

About Swiss Youth For Climate (SYFC): Swiss Youth For Climate (“SYFC”) is a grassroots youth environmental organisation founded in Switzerland in 2015. Non-partisan and volunteer-based, SYFC aims to raise public awareness on the consequences of climate change and promote the adoption of policies by Switzerland aligned with a 1.5C global temperature rise. SYFC currently has six active branches across Switzerland, in Bern, Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne, Ticino and Basel.



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