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Let's Talk About: Material Extraction

Material Extraction
TV? Laptop? Smartphone? Smartwatch? Earphones? External hard drive? E-bike? Raise your hand if you have at least two of them.

Let's Talk About: Agrochemical Companies


Polo? Paraquat? Dichloropropene? Have you ever heard about these pesticides? Probably not, since they are banned in Europe. 

So, why are we still talking about them? 

Let's Talk About: Tap Water


Water is the essence of every life form on Earth. In Switzerland, we enjoy one of the best public water distribution services in the World. However, other countries are faced with a reality where vital water sources are being privatized and monetized, with Swiss Multinational corporations playing an important role.

Let's Talk About: Bees and Pollinators


Today we are going to talk about bees and pollinators!

It has been estimated that bees pollinate more than 1/3 of the plants we eat! Most fruits and veggies, nuts, herbs, species, oil crops, etc.
In total bees pollinate up to 80% of the plants on the planet!