Founded in March 2019, the regiogroup Nyon meets once per month for a "Climate Beer", where we chat and discuss various projects. We often collaborate with local organizations such as the Gymnase de Nyon and the City of Nyon put on climate-themed events. Examples are:

  • Initiatives in local schools
  • Debates on climate change
  • Installing hives and insect houses for biodiversity

Situated between Geneva and Lausanne, the group aims to reach young people from the region «La Côte». We are always looking for new people to introduce skills and ideas and have fun!

Climate Beers

The Climate Beers are our monthly meetings. They are open to anyone and offer the opportunity to discuss climate change, start new projects, and meet interesting people. Bring your friends, have a drink with us, and learn, or even teach us something new about climate change!

Join the group

To get involved in our group, contribute to our projects and acheive your own, fill out the contact form and Jean-Valentin will get in touch!

Check out our Facebook page and calendar to stay informed about our current events.