About Us

We are the generation that will feel the effects of today's (lack of) climate change politics. It is therefore our moral obligation to engage in shaping climate policies. We believe we have the right to be heard. That is why we organize activities to rally the young generation around climate activism.

Our Activities

  • We advocate for pragmatic, responsible, and ambitious climate change policies at national and international levels.
  • We raise awareness about the climate crisis and the importance of both local and global actions.
  • We mobilize the public, in particular younger generations, to promote the ecological transition.
  • We participate in international climate conferences as Swiss civil society representatives.

Our History

Swiss Youth for Climate was established in 2015 by Océane Dayer when she realized that there were few youth organizations in Switzerland devoted to engaging young people in climate politics. The organization quickly gained popularity in Switzerland and abroad and built an extensive network of regional groups in various Swiss cities. Its main activities quickly centered around national political projects and participating in international climate negotiations.



Our Executive Board

Leïla graduated with a Master's in International Economics, specializing in Energy Markets and E-Mobility. Currently working as a Sustainability Project Manager, she has been actively involved in various NGOs, focusing on fighting climate change and engaging youth in initiatives around sustainability. Leïla strongly believes in the pivotal role of young people in developing innovative solutions and collaborating with public and private decision-makers to build a sustainable world. .
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When Miklós apprehended the true, terrifying consequences of climate change, he decided to give up his career as a concert pianist and devote himself to fighting climate change. Witnessing COP25 only deepend his conviction. Today, as he is finishing his PhD in music theory, he has begun consulting on climate change and human rights. 
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After a Bachelor in International Relations and a Masters in Innovation and Sustainable Development, Aurélie got convinced that the financial industry has a central role to play in the transition for a more circular and sustainable economy. She is currently working as Responsible Investment Analyst. Aurélie also has a passion for understanding ecosystems and is always keen on learning more about the local biodiversity and getting active to restore and protect the natural balances.
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International Conference Coordinator
Alexis is a Sustainable Development student at the University of Basel. At the same time, he is developing the start-up of fruits & vegetables baskets delivery system he created for 2 years with 3 friends in Fribourg (CH), and is also a member of the Young Greens Basel. He has a great passion for social entrepreneurship, sustainable food, circular economy, and biomimetics. His daily motivation is to educate people about sustainable development issues, by connecting dots between social, economic, and ecological knowledge, in order to make them feel aware of the problem we are facing with a positive and enjoyable mindset.

Communication Lead
Rihane is a former environmental lawyer who now works as a sustainability and tech marketing specialist. She is a firm believer in the power of raising awareness around climate issues to produce a sea-change in environmental policies and public opinion. She hopes to be able to spotlight pressing environmental issues through her role at SYFC and encourage the youth to use their voice in favour of climate-friendly policies.
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Programme Manager
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Psychology at the University of Zurich and SciencesPo Lille, Roxane is currently finishing the Master of Science in Sustainable Development at the University of Basel. Professionally, she has gained various experience in the fields of Change Management, Project Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship and currently works as a Project Lead for Student Engagement at the Sustainability Office of the University of Basel. Being multi-passionate, curious, and a quick learner, she likes to use networked thinking to integrate her knowledge from various fields to drive positive change and motivate others to co-create innovative solutions.